Franchise Information

Magical Education is a brand built on Strong Ethics, Deliberation, Determination, and above all a will to see students excel. We focus greatly on developing learning skills that will aid students during their entire scholastic career. We are one of the few service providers in India that focus on Skills Development and Integrated Learning. We offer a wide variety of courses, catering to almost every type of educational problem that may plague a student.

“In every job that needs to be done, there is an element of fun.Find the fun and the job’s a game. And every task you undertake becomes a piece of cake…a lark, a spree, it’s very clear you see. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way…Tra la la…”

So goes lyrics of the famous 1964 American musical fantasy and Julie Andrew starter Mary Poppins.

The quest to find an answer to a child’s academic agony began when Satish Mardia, enrolled his son in a well-known Abacus class. The drop in his son’s interest bothered the concerned father. Mardia went back to his childhood days when a rendezvous with world renowned mathematician Shakuntala Devi had changed his approach towards academics.The quick problem-solving tricks of the legendary left lasting impression on his young mind. In a quest to recreate the same magic for his son, he called her to discover the virtues of Vedic maths.

Despite having the best schools and tuition classes in the country, there is a very high failure rate for the reason that all these institutions focus on ‘what’ to teach rather than ‘how’ to teach. The moment the situation is addressed from ’how to teach’ angle, the academic efficiency level will come up dramatically


The strife to find a solution to the learning challenges of the students that are not addressed by the schools and coaching institutes have led to the several verticals that cater to multiple issues such as exam phobia, math’s phobia, low concentration, poor memory, communication skills and personality development. The unique child-centric approach Magical Education caters to students of all age group right from the first standard to aspirants of competitive exams.

Breaking the ice in the education sector would not have been possible for Mr.Satish Mardia had he not been joined in his mission by another legendary academician Prof.A.R.Rao. A winner of many accolades and awards, Rao was considered to be the father of informal mathematics. Rao has been an inspiration and mentor for him who helped him to formulate the curriculum of Magical Math’s, the first of its kind to have launched before it grew up to be the umbrella brand of Magical Education. The seed for Magical Education was sown in the year 2006.

Unlike other brands who plan their franchise strategy,franchising happened very spontaneously to Magical Education when an investor came back from Dubai to settle in his hometown,Surat.He was searching for a good business opportunity to invest in.His search ended when he came to Magical Education.He was so impressed with the concept that he took up a franchise.

The success of their franchised center triggered the appetite to reach out to wider territories in India and abroad through franchising.R.D.Desai,Magical Education Franchisee states,”When I met Mr.Mardia,I felt,we share the common passion.I took up the franchise.Five years on the bond has only grown stronger.The best part about Magical Education is their transparency and openness to a suggestion which made me feel like a part of the family.

Magical Education provides complete support and training starting from setting up of the business, marketing initiatives and customer retention most importantly. One of the factors plaguing this sector is a very high attrition rate. Retaining the child requires a really competitive quality and engagement module to keep the interest level of the child high. That is the biggest challenge in this job. That is where we score high. This is the know-how that Magical Education pass on the franchise. Also,we teach them every nitty gritty of the running business. As opposed to the teacher-centric approach of school, here there is a child-centric approach.

There are different peak times for advertisement to be carried out in every sector. The same holds true for the education sector as well. Magical Education guides business partners to make the best out of the right time and strategy to carry out the advertisement and marketing initiative so that every penny spent gives back something.

Collaborative growth and proper mentorship-these are the two factors that make any franchise business to be successful. And when it comes to mentorship, investors should just remember one thing it is a father’s mind that gave rise to Magical Education…a father who wanted to make the child’s task easier for him.

Magical Education ensures that every franchise associated with them receives exclusive territorial rights and a phase by phase roadmap to establish, develop and flourish their center. Proper support and guidance have always been rendered to the franchises to strengths their bond with the company.

Magical Education is on an aggressive expansion spree. Braced with the best franchise strategy that is appropriate to the Indian customer demographic, we are gradually proceeding towards their goal. Elaborating on the multipronged franchise strategy, we are looking at a master franchise to have a much bigger reach. Magical education plans to open five hundred centers in five years.

Franchise facts
Rs. 8 to Rs. 10 Lakh
Franchise Fee
Rs. 2 Lakh
400 – 800 sq.ft
Expected breakeven
Within 3-6 months
Expected breakeven
Within 3-6 months
Target cities for expansion
All tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Eventually tier 3 cities also
·Preferred location
Residential & semi-commercial areas with thick surrounding population of middle-class, upper-middle class and elite class families
Brand’s vision & mission
To have at least 500 unit franchisee centers by 2020