MOST – Magical Olympiad Skill Training

Most school children take part in Olympiads conducted by various organizations, there is a lot of awareness and this is a good sign. Olympiads claim to develop the minds of students

However, Experts opine that Olympiads do not develop the minds of the students, they merely test the minds
The students need to get formal training before appearing for the Olympiads to be able to approach the questions without a doubtful mind.
The current method of teaching in most schools is insufficient and inadequate to train the students for the Olympiads.
Tuitions too are unable to contribute here. The answer booklets provided by the Olympiad organizers just have the final answer, but not how to arrive at the answer
All this shatters the confidence of the students when they sit for the Olympiad Exams and are unable to arrive at the correct solution.
We provide formal training to the students to face the Olympiads confidently.

Our motto is “No child left Behind, Make every child a Winner”.